Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Movie Review - Allied

 Brad Pitt has another romantic spy film but this is a thriller instead of a comedy.  Plus it's set when Nazi's are a current threat so there's more gravity to the situation.

   Max meets Marianne in Casablanca for a mission but eventually gets too involved with his partner.  His trust is pushed to the limit when new information comes to light.

   Despite the tense situations, the film takes everything quite slowly.  There is a long build up where the pair get to know each other before the main thrust of the plot is revealed.  While setting the background is essential, this could have been trimmed a bit more.  Those who know the conflict beforehand are just chomping on the hit until that point.

   Brad Pitt seemed to be quite reserved all throughout.  His proposal is even practically devoid of emotion.  It's Marion Cotillard who gives it her all to fit into her role, both within and without.  The others don't quite stand out as much, perhaps trying not to act over Pitt's stony deliveries.  

  While not without its share of emotional moments, these patches of warmth are few and far between.  Allied isn't the steamy spy thriller it may make out itself to be, being too cool for this cold war of sorts.  It's serviceable but doesn't go beyond the call of duty.

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