Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Movie Review - Sing

   I was quite looking forward to this flick.  Anthropomorphism by way humanized animals is making another huge comeback (over regular talking creatures) and the singing is bound to be fun, right?  Absolutely!

   Buster Moon's love for his theatre prompts him to stage a singing competition with false promises.  Everything literally falls to pieces but the power of passion and performance saves the day.

  Oh yes, the world of Sing is pretty diverse and well rounded with more than a few species representing all walks of life as wildlife.  The reluctant criminal, the overworked mother, the angsty teen, the overconfident confidence man, the shy sweetie and even the sketchy manager himself are all linked together by their dreams.  It's a very uplifting message and, even though it's not exactly remarkable or groundbreaking, it's still a pleasing positive vibe.

  The music obviously has a lion's share of the film.  There's a variety, though most are upbeat pop and mostly for general consumption over specific niches but there are special set, even if they might be virtually cameo samples.  They are all largely enjoyable and not offensive as can be.  They might possible experiment more if there's a sequel, which would be welcome if they maintain or exceed the current level of quality.

   There are too many voice actors to get into but all did a wonderful, wonderful job with more than a few surprises if one didn't read the cast list in advance.  They could have gone further with the plot but is satisfied with their rating, plus they were juggling about seven different character arcs at the same time.  Sing is a hit, a harmless chart placer that is enjoyable as a piece of background music but deserves to be recognized so it could stage another comeback.

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