Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Movie Review - Kong : Skull Island

   It's the return of the King, again.  The remake for the turn of the century needed another updating and this is it.  It's still set decades past so it's not a monster for the modern times.  The special effects are still on the cutting edge of creature feature CGI with a few more beasties to boot.  

  As a period piece set in the war, the tone reflects a guerilla army feel instead of an adventure.  Lead Tom Hiddleston is the hero, yes, but very low key (not the bombastic trickster God type) to the point of being forgettable.  The King himself is larger than life, with personality exuding from his stoic expression.  There's a dissonance between seeing Kong eat people alive at the reveal then rooting for him to triumph by the end.  Still a meaty treat to see, though you turn off your brain to enjoy.

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