Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Movie Review - The Lego Batman Movie

   Batman was popular enough to get his own Lego movie.  There's also a slew of direct to DVD Lego movies based in the DC universe but this one is a big budget feature.  Does it live up to the hype?

  This Batman is a wildly hilarious parody of himself set in the building block world.  It's a colorful romp for children with nostalgic triggers for the older crowd (see soundtrack).  The attention given to the comic book fans is rather detailed, with nods to the source material that come out of nowhere (the Condiment King?  Seriously?  He wasn't even a real villain!).  The action is fast paced and explosively depicted, even in Lego format.  There are even surprises with the crossovers that could be considered brilliant or sacrilegious (I'd go with inspired).  This Batman is an absolutely hoot, picking fights with Superman and putting down Iron Man (which, if you think about it, Lego Batman is actually imitating.  The Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man that is).  It's a mess of fun so enjoy!

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